Gallery of Alan Marshal
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At Home with the Alan Marshal
By Constance Palmer

The Alan Marshal family–Alan, beautiful, Mary
and four-year-old "Kit"–in the informal garden of their home,
scanning through the daily mail.

Alan lounges on one of a pair of deeply built couches
in the living room.
Upholstered in emerald green,
the couches are a striking contrast to rose-colored rugs.
What-not shelves corner the room.
By the way, isn't that lamp a good touch?

Dining by candlelight is gracious routine at the Marshal house.
From the green twelve-sconce chandelier sparkle crystal
and pink prisms. The table is cherry wood,
with spindle carved legs, and chairs to match.
Special note, the wallpaper touch in the alcove.

The Marshals are a nice bookish couple.
They actually read these volumes in the well-filled book cases
lining the wall in their studio type living room.
Mrs. Marshal's black slacks have wool designs
appliqued on concealed pockets;
the blouse, mustard yellow.


Alan takes early leave for the studio.
The chair at left is an antique
brought from Switzerland by Mrs. Marshal's great grandparents–an heirloom.

High tea is served, English style, from a round mahogany table, Mrs. Marshal pours,
sitting on the green cushioned window seat
before large windows curtained with green and rose printed chintz.

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